Is there anything more wonderful than seeing the cover of your book for the first time? When you started writing this series almost seven years ago, the answer is no.

That’s right, seven years. I don’t even remember where I was when I created my characters, I think I was in the car heading down the Northern State on my way to work. I do most of my writing in the car. Not literally, that would result in disastrous road situations, but I do start to formulate ideas. Usually I hear a song, or see something interesting on the road and think… “Now that would make an interesting story/character/plot/situation.”

So at some point, seven years ago, I created these dark characters that are so twisted and broken that I naturally started rooting for them. As I wrote the words that strung together and wove the story of my villains, I started fantasizing about my cover. It was never concrete. I had vague ideas, a color palette, and what I knew I didn’t want.

I was offered my book contract for what will be my trilogy back in August of 2013. Last night, January 4th I saw my cover for the first time.

Not gonna lie… I was scared! Really scared. And when I opened it, I sort of just stared for a minute.

Then it happened. The reaction. The reaction to the stress, worry and fears melted away, and I exhaled that breath I had been holding on to.

Now, I can’t show you the cover, yet… trust me, I’m dying to!!! But, you’ll see it soon my loves! I can tell you this much…

It’s dark, mysterious, and classy.

It captures not only my first book, but my entire trilogy!

You can go to Goodreads and add Taming Darkness to your to-be-read list here:

Writing and editing can often feel like you’re slamming into a brick wall repeatedly. It’s the moments like this, that grab you and say, “You are doing this! Your book is going to be published… This is real!”

I’ll keep you all posted on reveal day!!

Love & Light!


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January 5, 2014 · 5:57 pm

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