Cupid’s Arrow

I pulled the bowstring back, feeling the tension as the flight of the arrow rested by my cheek. I had been watching the couple all afternoon. They had found themselves nestled in the woods, and I could not be happier for the solace of the trees. I knew I didn’t have much time, others would be coming, looking for them. I needed to hit my mark with accuracy the first time. There was no margin for error. I noticed how nervously she began brushing her hair behind her ear. Her eyes longing to lock with his, but lacking the courage. I watched the boy, too aloof to notice how she wanted him. One shot and she would be his. One shot and their entire world would change for good.

I couldn’t have them see me, but I needed to be closer to ensure my victory. I inched my foot further on the twisted branch that held me high in my hiding spot, afraid to allow a single breath to escape from my chest. It hurt my body to be so still. It felt as though my very blood was solidifying inside me. I had to hold on, just a moment longer. The joy would be worth the pain. He was almost in my view. Then my moment arrived.

I shot my arrow through the plump cherub’s heart, and watched as he fell from mid air to his doom.

They say love never dies.

They obviously never met me.


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