Make me SWOON!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I thought to celebrate the day and each other, my amazing author buddies could leave a romantic/flirty/sexy line from your own personal book in the comments section below. One line that will bring me to my knees! C’mon let’s have fun!

Here’s mine:

Lucifer: “She didn’t have to pull me. I would have followed her anywhere.” 

C’mon fellow authors! Let’s spread the L*O*V*E! ❤


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24 responses to “Make me SWOON!

  1. MRS N, the Author

    Joe opened his eyes and saw love reflecting in her eyes. “You are beautiful and sacred, my angel, and I will protect you with my life.” 🙂

  2. Ooo! Fun! This is from my LGBT NA dragon-shifter story titled BECOMING.

    Zoe’s kiss was fire to Taylor’s ice. A need—greater than that of the beast warring inside her—bloomed at the warmth of her presence.

  3. “I’ll never stop loving Jamie,” I whispered simply.
    “Look at me,” he said, bending to look me in the eye. “I wouldn’t want you like this if you didn’t love him. If you hadn’t continued to love him, I wouldn’t even be here…”

  4. Fun! Here, I’ll add a little taste of Cian, the MMC from my current WIP. He’s known to drop super sexy statements as casually as one talks about the weather.

    “I promised I wouldn’t touch you. I never said I’d lie and pretend I don’t want to. How do take your coffee? Or would you rather tea?”


  5. “If you have something to say, then say it.”
    Instead he grabs my jacket, pulls me to him, and presses his lips to mine.


  6. One from my WIP.

    “I’ll always love you Guin. It doesn’t matter if you ever love me back, you have me completely. I’ll wait and just love you more.”

  7. I totally want to play. I just finished my first book that has romance-y stuff happening!! How’d I do?

    With nothing but the thin shirts separating them, they pressed together in the dark. Clutching and holding, stroking and tasting. Later they drifted into a deep, comfortable sleep, arms and legs entangled, sweat drying slowly on their naked, cooling skin.

  8. vincentmorrone

    Before I could respond, his mouth crushed on mine, and his tongue gently explored the inside of my mouth. I felt the heat of his body against mine, and I could feel him react to the kiss. Then the flash came, and my world shifted. Payne’s hands removing my clothes. Me, on top of him as I cried out in ecstasy. The two of us together after a night of love making, holding each other as we slowly fell asleep in each other’s arms.

  9. T.A. Brock

    This is so FUN! Here’s a snippet from my zombies.

    Grayson: “I think about you all the time. When I’m not with you, I’m wondering what you’re doing, who you’re with, if you’re smiling or crying, what you’re eating.” He let the tips of his fingers brush over her bottom lip, remembering the banana from earlier. “I like being close to you.”

  10. Louise Gornall

    He moans into my mouth. My hands, searching for skin, slide up under his shirt. His body is warm and soft under my fingertips. I trace the trail of his spine. He grabs the back of my thighs. My feet leave the floor and my legs curl around his hips. He smiles against my lips as my back slams into a wall.

  11. His nose and lips brush the top of my head. “You don’t know the wicked thoughts roaming in my mind and body.” Micah’s words to Anya in Cloven Book 2 of The Trinity of Souls Series.

  12. Okay.. I need to up my game… This is from my current WIP here goes:

    You are so careful around me, allowing the thinnest veil of air to pass between us. Yet in your eyes there is a hunger, I see it. Tell me Michael, would it be that painful to lay your hands on me? Do you fear the burn of my touch?

  13. Lexi Gray

    From my WIP:

    She needs this proximity; she needs to be overwhelmed by him once again. She needs to be consumed. She shudders at the thought, and he shudders as well. Now they’re the same person again. She takes another step back.

  14. An edited version of the love scene in which two of my dragons conceive their son:

    The waves of silver rain washing across her body made her look slick. Her scales shone like polished sapphires. She remained that way, looking strong and beautiful, silently coaxing me to do what all dragons eventually felt the urge to accomplish. I moved up behind her, pressing my chest to her haunches. We cried out together as I thrust deep inside her heat, completing our union. My ebony belly scales slid against her blue back. We stroked each other with our wings. Claws and teeth found gentle purchase in scales as I gave her all I had to give.

    When our shared pleasures peaked I collapsed against her back, spent and panting. She in turn slumped against the rain-soaked grass. As I sought to catch my breath, I licked the back of her sky-blue neck, flaring my wings to shield her from the rain. She arched her neck against my tongue, purring. When she turned her head around, we pressed our muzzles together. Dragons did not kiss often yet it seemed a fitting end to our mating. Our muzzles parted as they met, tongues exploring one another. Her tail found my own, twining lengths of sinuous blue and black. I stroked her neck, and gently sucked at her tongue a little before I finally pulled my head back. I nuzzled at her scales with my nose, murmuring my love.

  15. Another edited scene, this one more Valentines appropriate. It’s about love! Taken from a scene in which the dragon and the woman have finally declared their love for one another, but fear it will not work because he will live so much longer. For size considerations, I’ve edited it down to just the dialogue, no action tags or anything, but the most important content is still there.

    “You see, Valyrym? You have beauty inside you that you hesitate to let anyone see. You hide your heart in coils of bramble to keep it safe, but those thorns will pierce you just as easily.”

    “I can hide nothing from you, Amaleen. You are the sun. Each day you rise your light shines upon me and brightens my world. If you would have me, I would share my life with you for all our days.”

    “I cannot do that, Valyrym. You will outlive me. No matter how deep our love may grow, my days will end long before yours. You would watch me grow old, Valyrym. In time, you would see me die. Would you truly wish to put yourself through that?”

    “Yes! I would suffer it gladly, because I love you! I would happily watch you age, Amaleen. It would be an honor and a joy. The pain I will someday feel at your loss will be but a darkened speck against all the brilliant light of happiness a life spent alongside you will have brought me.”

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