Book Birthday: Killing Darkness!

So… I sort of am having a HUGE day today… Trying to take it all in.

Let’s rewind a bit…

If you were given the choice between Heaven or Hell, it would be an easy decision correct?

What if choosing Heaven made you selfish, but choosing Hell meant you were living up to your destiny and staying loyal and true to your family? Suddenly the choice isn’t so easy now is it?

That’s the decision my main character must make in my novel, Killing Darkness. And guess what?

After two years of conception and six more years of drafting, writing, revising and editing…

It released… TODAY!

So… after years and years of work… how do I feel?

Relieved. Excited. Shocked. Terrified.

You know… the usual.

This is the fourth work that I’ve hit the publish button on, but my first “epic” novel. Killing is 424 pages and over 50 chapters long. It truly was a journey to write, and I’m hoping it will be an enjoyable read.

A book this intricate and lengthy requires a team of amazing people, and I had them. My editor Kara Leigh Miller is fantastic! She points out how to make my books stronger, how to make my characters shine and how to really pull on the heartstrings of readers. We’ve laughed over this book, and even had some teary moments over certain scenes. She is an AMAZING editor and I am so lucky to have her in my corner, as not only a fellow writer but a great friend. She has shown me how to add dimension to my characters, and knows my work so well she’s the first to call me out when a character is acting… well… out of character!  I know I’m a better writer because of her guidance. Not to mention she’s read this huge book many, many times by now, and hasn’t run away screaming. Kara, you are the best. Love you girl! ❤

One thing a writer always dreams about is their cover. We don’t just dream– we agonize over it. Will it be pretty and make you want to pick it up? Will readers fall in love with the imagery and think…I must have it? Killing Darkness weaves mythology, and morals in a modern setting. It has supernatural creatures socializing with mortals and deals with love, death, and choices. How could one cover express all that? It wouldn’t be found in stock photos. It needed someone special who would understand. When I contacted S.P. McConnell last February to talk about the Taming Darkness cover, my hope was that he would do the entire trilogy. I loved the first cover. It had innocence, and seduction all in one image. I could feel the movement of her hair and it felt like I was there– watching. I knew Sean would create a great cover for Killing Darkness. But he didn’t create a great cover. He gave me a MASTERPIECE. Have you seen it? Look! Look! ( I suggest clicking on the image to see all the amazing details!)

Killing Darkness Cover Digital 4

S.P. didn’t just give me the cover and walk away. When it had “technical difficulty” he worked into the wee hours of the night making sure it was exactly what I had envisioned. I’m so lucky not only to have him as my cover artist, but also to call him a friend. Cheers!!

So are you ready for the blurb?

Powerful, beautiful, and covered in scars…

Brielle, born of a mortal-immortal union between a human mother and the devil Himself, is prophesied to be the one capable of turning the tide in the brewing apocalypse.

As Brielle’s thirtieth birthday draws near, she strikes a deal with the devil and sets out on a journey of self discovery. In an attempt to comprehend what it means to be fully human, Brielle finds herself at the door of her therapist, Adam. Blurring relationship lines and questioning everything, she quickly learns that humanity, vulnerability, and love are things she isn’t prepared to handle. Distancing herself, she finds shelter in her father’s arms once more.

Two worlds are about to collide…

When the archangel Michael suddenly takes a deep interest in Brielle, Lucifer begins to understand that his greatest opponent is curious about more than just her choice. Michael’s fall will be Lucifer’s rise and only Brielle holds the key to making it happen.

With a human, an angel, and a demon all tearing at her heart, Brielle realizes it’s time to decide if her loyalties lie with Michael in Heaven or her father in Hell.

What do you think? Ready to head to Amazon?

Here’s the link!

And just a note about the book. Although it is called Book 2 of The Darkness saga, Killing Darkness CAN be read as a stand alone book. But, I suggest grabbing a copy of Taming Darkness to better understand Lucifer’s choices in book 2. Taming is on sale for a limited time for only 99cents!

The eBook for Killing went live today. The print will be available VERY, VERY SOON!

xoxo ❤

Thanks for all your support. Readers are the reason I write!

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