Goodbye 2014: My year in writing.

2014. What a year.

This is the year I stopped talking about getting published, and actually published TWO novels and TWO novellas.

The year started off shaky. Back in January I was signed with Entranced Publishing. I had just handed Killing Darkness over to my new editor. I assumed the position –my head between my knees– as I hyperventilated. February was a sea of anxiety as I prepared myself for the release of my first novel while I anxiously awaited the fate of my second. My first book, Taming Darkness released on March 3, 2014. The excitement didn’t last very long. On March 25th Entranced Publishing closed it’s doors. I was numb. But, with my rights back, I was free. By April 16th, with the help of S.P. McConnell who designed a gorgeous new look for the series, Taming Darkness was back on the shelves… literally! It made it into my local Barnes and Noble.


Not gonna lie, losing my publishing house/ my three book deal.. it sucked. It was a horrible time. My dreams were crushed, but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, so I persevered. Boy am I glad that I did. In May, I boarded a plane by myself and headed from NYC to NOLA for the RT14 Convention. I had the most amazing six days of my life. I met incredible women who hold such a special place in my heart. Kara Leigh Miller, Georgeann Swiger, Barbara Garren, Ana Blaze and Rachell Nicole. I love you gals so much! If Entranced did anything good, it brought us together and our friendship is priceless! ❤

In New Orleans I realized something, I wanted nothing more than to be a writer. Yes, I was a writer, but I wanted it 24/7. I wanted to eat, breathe and sleep words. I wanted to create whole worlds and surround myself in the ups and downs of this profession.

And so I did.

After 12 years, I left teaching, and spent June sending out my manuscript to those editors and agents who had requested it at the RT14 Convention in NOLA. By July I was ready to face the Darkness again, and dusted off my old manuscript that I was planning to self publish. In August, a year after I had received my contract from Entranced, I sent Kara my amazing editor Killing Darkness, the sequel to Taming. While she worked on that, I kept myself busy. I wrote a full length New Adult Contemporary Romance in September that I hope to release in February. Then something really amazing happened, I embraced being indie.

Once I realized that being an indie author was actually the proper path for me, the words flowed and stories began to develop faster than I could type. I released a novella in October, another one in November and by the time December rolled through it was time to release Killing Darkness.

I have to thank T.A. Brock, Tammy Farrell and Kristen Strassel who have really helped me this past fall. What amazing women. They have pushed me to be the best writer I can be. If I have learned anything this year it’s to surround yourself with people who have similar goals. The “write” people can really make you soar.

You gals inspire me EVERY DAY! Seriously, one day we’re all gonna meet and it’ll be like this:

So as I close the door on the literary roller coaster that was 2014, I’m ready to embrace 2015. I have the final installation of The Blood Clan Chronicles coming in January and my New Adult novel in February. There are a ton of different routes I can take after that, I really need to look at what projects I want to work on. It is an amazing feeling to have options! I’ve learned so much in 2014, and I’m super excited about the possibilities that 2015 can hold.

What about you? What do you hope for in 2015?

Happy New Year! 🙂

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