Cover Reveal: Chameleon (The Domino Project #1) by K.T. Hanna

So as you all know I am a HUGE fan of S.P. McConnell’s work. He was the artistic mastermind behind the covers of Taming Darkness and Killing Darkness (and I have a feeling you’ll be seeing what he wow’s us with for book 3!)

When I heard that S.P. had created an ORIGINAL illustration for author K.T. Hanna I was desperate to get my greedy lil hands on it.

Let me tell you… he did NOT disappoint!

Feast your eyes on this Sci-fi beauty!

CHAMELEON Domino Project Front with Text 2

Now that you’ve taken in the gorgeous cover, here’s a lil bit more about the book….

When Sai was twelve, her psionic powers awoke violently, taking the whole 63rd block of UC 17 with them. Years later after rigorous training she faces her final exam. Her only choices are pass or die.

Chameleon (The Domino Project Book #1) releases on August 4th, 2015. To celebrate its #CoverReveal click on the link below and enter the Rafflecopter!

#YA #ScienceFiction #Debut #books #lovereading

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