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Where I’ve been and why

Hello beautiful people!!


I know I’ve been quiet lately. Real quiet.


I’m practically nonexistent on twitter. My pinterest boards have fallen to the wayside, and although present on Facebook, I’m not really present. I’m the kid who shows up for class, but prays the teacher doesn’t call on her. Here’s why:

I got a job. Ye olde 9-5

Yuck, right?

Yeah. It’s pretty yuck. It sort of feels like I’m moving backwards in my career, but sometimes life throws us situations we weren’t prepared for. We can sulk, kick, and scream, or we can learn how to turn those lemons into lemonade. But it’s also sort of a neat job because I’m still working as a writer. I’m a ghostwriter. (No, I don’t write about ghosts.) If you don’t know what I mean by “ghostwriter”, here’s a definition. Yeah. It’s a lil weird. But it also means I work from home and make my own schedule which is nice.

So what does this mean for my readers?

It means I had to put my books to the side for awhile so I could work on several books for clients. I can’t get into who I write for or what I’m writing, so please don’t ask. I just wanted you to know that I have never, nor will I ever, give up writing. It just means that (for now) I can’t produce books at the speed I used to.


But because of this, I decided to do something for you, my precious readers.


No… I don’t have a release date. But when I do release, I will be releasing…


Good deal? I hope so.

So what am I working on? Well I’ve stepped away from paranormal (after 2 demons and 3 vampire books, I needed a break) and ventured into the fantasy realm. It’s a really cool genre and I love it. Basically it means instead of mentally hanging out with sexy vamps like Damon Salvatore:


I mentally hang out with rugged warriors like Jon Snow:


Not a bad trade.

So here’s the good news… I’ve written books one AND two already. I also have covers for one and two. (SOOO PRETTY!) I outlined three and I’m getting ready to dive into that one as well. All three books are STANDALONE novellas with NO CLIFFHANGERS.

Sound good? GOOD!


But maybe you have a few questions. Some have been addressed to me already via email, twitter, and Facebook, so I’ll answer them now.

So Kat, why not give us what you already have?

Patience. Good things come to those who wait. You see, although the stories are standalone, the characters are interrelated. Unlike The Blood Clan Chronicles where there was a four month lag between the release of books 2 & 3, this series will give you (hopefully) instant satisfaction by having all three available.

What about more Blood Clan Chronicles?

My vamps have been put to the side for now. It is VERY possible that Erin & Kane will get their own story as well as Liv & Kyle. I had a reader ask for more Bryce and Tori and for that, you have given me the highest compliment. Sadly, I don’t foresee any more books about them. (See what I did there? *wink, wink*) I told their story, and gave them the HEA they deserved. Anything else seems like just clinging to them, and putting them in unnecessary danger. (Haven’t they been through enough? Silver chains on Bryce’s neck… my poor, Scotsman!)

Wait! You didn’t know all three books were available? Yup! The trilogy is complete and you can grab it here:

The Blood Clan Chronicles

Fine… but we HAVE to ask, where’s book 3 of The Darkness Saga? Killing Darkness ended on the ultimate cliffhanger!

Yes, it did. But I can honestly say, I have no intention of returning to Darkness before the fall. Wait! Don’t start cursing me out just yet. I have my reasons. Pull up a chair, let me explain. I spent six years writing Killing, and another year working on Taming. That’s seven years of Lucas Starr. The final book will be the end of that story, and I’m not ready to work on it yet. Basically, I’m not emotionally prepared to say goodbye to Lucas, Michael, or Brielle. I told myself I would take a year off and seeing as Killing released on December 5, 2014, that year is not up yet.

Haven’t met Lucas Starr yet? EEK! Don’t let him hear that. What are you waiting for? He is the ULTIMATE bad boy.

You can experience what it feels like to root for the villain!

Check it out! ~~> Taming Darkness

So what can you tell us about your new series? You’ve been rather cryptic on Facebook and Twitter.

I can tell you it’s fantasy. And here’s your enormous clue:


Are you working on anything else once this fantasy is done?

Yes! It’s no secret that I’ve been working on a Snow White retelling. That book is outlined and about 1/3 of the way written. It too has a GORGEOUS cover. I also plan to write more books under the pen name, Karen Anne. My New Adult Contemporary Romance, Death by Social Suicide is a book that is so close to my heart. I have been asked to write spin offs, and I can say now that Kristen will be getting her own story. If you haven’t read Death by Social Suicide you can grab it here:

Death by Social Suicide

So now you’re all caught up. I’m here, at my keyboard working hard, and hoping to release my babies very, very soon.


The Mother of Dragons.


Oops! Did I just slip? I meant, Kat! KAT!!! 😉

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What I do all day.

As many of you are already aware, I was a teacher for twelve years before I abandoned a solid career, a steady paycheck and reliable health benefits to chase my dreams of being a writer. When people hear this I can honestly say their reactions boil down to one of two:

1. WOW! You’re really living the dream! How brave and exciting! 

Not gonna lie, I like these people. They feel like my private cheerleaders rooting me on and every time I release a new book they give me a huge smile and sometimes I even get a squee of excitement. If they ask questions about my new career it’s usually in the vein of, “Are your characters based on anyone in real life?” or “How long did it take to write your novel?” And my personal favorite, “I read your book, and I loved it. Will there be a sequel?”

These people are such a solid motivation for me. Hearing that they not only believe in what I do, but ENJOY what I do makes it all worthwhile.

Then there’s the other reaction…

2. WOW! So you like, don’t teach at all? So you don’t have a real job anymore? It must be nice to have nothing to do all day but make things up. So, wait– what do you do all day?

I can honestly say that these are the people who deflate my ballon. These people don’t offer me smiles or give me an excited squee. These people judge. They ask questions that are way too personal. (How much money do you make? is my least favorite, closely followed by, So you’re not with a real publisher?)

And no matter what answers I give them, they will never be satisfied with my response. I suppose it’s because I’m the freak that shattered society’s mold and ran away to join the circus.

Becoming an actor or dancer or writer is what other people become, not you.

Well… why not me?

I have been asked countless times, “So when are you going back to teaching?” Which I can honestly say, I have no desire to do. When I tell them that, they seem offended.

So to answer those questions… THIS is what I do all day:


By Kat Daemon

Just like a woman in different stages of pregnancy, different stages of the writing/publishing process dictates how I spend my days.

Stage 1: Writing. 

This seems pretty obvious, but writing involves rewriting.

I sit down with an idea in mind and if my characters are talking to me that day, they usually dictate the scene. So a chapter I originally saw going one way could end up vastly different. When this happens, I have to make notes and make sure that whatever I have planned for future chapters is not altered by what I wrote in the present. I like to write with my laptop, but I keep a notebook next to me and some post-it notes to stick everywhere to remind me of scenes that will need tweaking when I get there. After my scene/chapter/pages are written, I read them and rewrite them until my eyes are fried and my wrist feels like it’s going to burst. There’s an odd satisfaction in that kind of pain. When the entire manuscript is finished I’ll do the same thing but on a grander scale for the whole book.

Write, revise, tweak, repeat.

Stage 2: Betas have been fed, now what?

So the manuscript is done. Yay! Not exactly. Now’s when I hand my baby off to a few beta readers who provide me with what I’m thirsty for– honest opinions.

Depending on the length of the manuscript and how busy they are this can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

So you get to relax now, right? Nope.. not yet…

Stage 3: Cover Design

This is when I really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being an Indie author. Every author dreams about seeing their book on a shelf, and we all fantasize about what that cover will look like. When I first signed with Entranced Publishing one of the coolest things I got to do was fill out my “vision” of the cover. Then I submitted the form and waited almost seven months until I was allowed to even get a peek at the cover. During that time I had full blown anxiety attacks over that darn cover. My book was about the devil. In my story he’s portrayed as beautiful, charming and impeccably stylish. But my fear was red horns, a tail and some skanky boobilicious girl draped to his leg. The final result was rather simple. Two images cut and paste together with red font that proclaimed my title. While it was not even close to the horror I had envisioned, it also wasn’t even close to the description I had submitted. That’s when I realized, despite the form, I had no say. The cover didn’t belong to me, it belonged to them. (That’s when I took my first REAL step towards being an Indie author and contacted an insanely talented artist to talk about my cover and print options.)

One of the tragedies of Self-Publishing is cheesy covers. I would hope my readers can say that my covers don’t fall under that category. I have worked with two professional cover artists since I’ve gone Indie and although their styles differ, their work is no less amazing. To me, the cover has to capture the essence of the book. By looking at it you should know, is this a love story, horror, memoir?

Working with S.P. McConnell on my Darkness Saga has been an epic adventure. He was determined to provide me with a unique and original illustrated cover that summed up the heart of my story in one moving image. I’d say, mission accomplished:


When I needed a break from the darkness and my delicious demons, I dove into uncharted waters and wrote my first New Adult Contemporary Romance. I wanted fun, and flirty. I had a strong idea of what my characters looked like and how they interacted with each there. So I approached Sotia Latzu with the project. The result? Perfection.


Sotia is also working on another secret project for me, but you’ll have to wait to see that beauty– and it is a BEAUTY!

Stage 4: Marketing.

I wish the moment I hit publish my name was so well known that people flocked to their laptops to order my book on release day. Sadly, I’m not there yet. I have a handful of loyal readers, but in order to get my book into the hands of complete strangers, I gotta work it.

This means, paperwork. Filling out forms, researching bloggers, and venues to promote my book. You would think having done it once I could just rally up the same contacts. Nope. Every book is a different story and therefore attracts a different group of people. The marketing has to be tailored to a target audience. I’m still working on this part, some days you hit. Others, you miss.

Stage 5: Edits & Revisions.

Well the book is back from the betas. My editor has returned it with her comments & corrections. Now the fun part begins. I have to weigh everyone’s advice on how to make my book better. Plot holes, character development, killing my darlings… it all happens here. Some books are cleaner than others. Killing Darkness took me six years to write and two months to edit. Death by Social Suicide took me three weeks to write and one week to edit. I wrote, edited and published Reborn & Revenge in about five weeks. I have been working on the finale, Redemption, for over three months.


No two books ever travel the same path.

Stage 6: Formatting and Final Proof.

The book has been written, read, edited, and revised. It has been professionally formatted and the mailman drops it on my door step. That’s right– I’m holding my book baby for the first time! I inspect the cover, sniff the pages and photograph it like a proud mama. So now what?

I read it, silly!

This is the last chance I’ll have to catch any errors and while I’ve probably already read this book one hundred times by now, it needs to be read one hundred and one.

So the book is read. It’s deemed worthy and now it is set up for publication. The channels of distribution are chosen, the final polished manuscript and cover are uploaded and the price is set. There’s only one thing left to do: hit publish.

Stage 7: Happy Book Birthday!

It’s book release day! The novel is available at midnight, it’s showing up in the correct channels of distribution, people are buying it– which means, it now has a rank. Hey, remember all that marketing we did earlier? It’s paying off! The rank is getting better and more books are being sold. Sometimes the rank is REALLY pretty and the book baby starts ranking in categories. The better the rank, the more people see it. The more people see it, the better the chances of the book making more sales. Think it’s a fun, relaxing day? It’s exciting, no doubt about that, but it comes with a lot of stress and anxiety.

Stage 8: Reviews.

The publication of the book is only the beginning. The readers response is what matters now, and without reviews –real reviews, not my great-aunt Tessie pinching my cheeks and saying, good job– the book will fail. So now different forms have to be filled out, and different bloggers have to be sought out. I need honest opinions, so I need readers who are not biased to read and review my book. This is a never-ending process and every time I see a new review posted, I get a bit queasy before I read it.


So now you have it. The great mystery of what I do now that I’m no longer teaching has been revealed. So that romantic image of Shakespeare scribbling away with his quill is sadly, NOT what I do all day.

But now that you know how I pass my hours, want to know something else?

I love what I do.


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