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As Midnight Strikes

They gathered around and waited for me to die.

I could feel the weight of their stare and knew they looked in horror at how I had transformed before their eyes. No longer was I the vision of hope, the promise of a new day, but rather the end of a difficult journey. They saw in me the burden of bad memories, and tragic events. I had wanted to give them more. I had wanted to be the one that would transform their world, but instead I was baggage and regret. I was missed opportunities and terrible choices.

“It won’t be long now.” I heard one say. I could tell he was eager for the moment to arrive, to say goodbye and have it be final.

It was getting harder to breathe. Like someone was sitting on my chest, crushing my lungs. I had hoped to merely fade away, retreat to memories like all the others, but I could see now, that it wasn’t going to be that easy. I was not just a bump in the road. I was here, and I had to believe as the light grew dim that I held importance to someone, even if it was just one person.

“It’s time.” another voice said, she was firm in her tone, but gentle.

Was this the final moment? Was this my exit? I didn’t know what to do, where to go. What would become of me?

I heard a single cry, a desperate plea that gripped at my heart and carried me with her in her pain. And then silence.

As I faded away into my future, I heard the announcement that sealed my fate,
“The first baby of the New Year has arrived.”

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It seems only fitting that I begin 2014 with a post on this new blog.

Before I go on about my goals and hopes for the new year, I’d like to first reflect on the past year.

2013 was a tough one. It held a lot of challenges for my family and we are still trudging through some of them, but it held a lot of opportunities as well. Back in February, I was alone on my birthday. It was (as far as I can recall) the only birthday I’ve ever spent alone. I had just left the job I loved back in June and was attempting to “make it as an author”. My rejection letters were piling up, and I felt a bit lost. Needless to say, I was depressed. So I decided to spend my birthday writing a new manuscript. It was a gift to myself. I had always written full length adult novels averaging about 110,000 words. I wanted to do something different. So I took a character from one of my books that was in the slush pile and gave him his own story.

I started to get lost in the tale, and explored a new avenue of writing I hadn’t attempted before. It wasn’t long until I had a 25K novella on my hands. But I had no clue what to do with it, so it just sat and collected dust in my Mac. Then one day in August, I happened to see a pitch contest that this work might have been a good fit for. So, not getting my hopes up, I pitched it for the first time to Entranced Publishing. Now that little novella is a full length novel and will be published in March by Entranced.

So it just goes to show you, you don’t know where the road may lead you. That sad day in pajamas, I mourned the books that were not getting noticed, and by distracting myself, produced one of my best stories. Funny how life works out.

I also met my editor, Kara Leigh Miller, who turned my book from good to freaking amazing!!! Working with Kara gave me such confidence as a writer and showed me how to improve my stories.  For the first time I think I’m starting to grasp the phrase, “show not tell” and I have Kara to thank for that. She isn’t just my editor, she became a great friend in a short amount of time, so I actually was given 2 gifts the day I pitched my book 😉

Now on to 2014….

I have so many wonderful things going on. The first of course is that my book, Taming Darkness, will be available on March 3, 2014.  I can’t express how excited I am about this! If you are into sarcastic fallen angels, a main character that gives new meaning to the expression, “devil worshipper” and a heroine that literally can bring him to his knees then head on over to Goodreads and mark it in your to-be-read list 😉 https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18779536-taming-darkness  (Cover to be added very soon!)

RT2014! It’s my first convention and I am so thrilled to be a part of it! Plus it’s in New Orleans and Charlaine Harris is one of the guest speakers… I need to decide which Sookie book I will (hopefully) get autographed! Plus I get to actually meet Kara in person, along with other amazing Entranced authors like Barbara Garren (who keeps me sane through laughter) and Georgeann Swiger (a fellow angel author) to name a few.

My personal goals this year are

1. To finish writing the fantasy book that I promised my daughter. Being raised on Oz and Wonderland, you’d think this would be easy. Nope, it’s hard to write original fantasy and although I have my characters a few scenes and a lose outline I’m struggling.

2. Sign with an agent *the dream of all dreams*

3. Work toward publishing the first book I ever wrote, which is so close to my heart it’s hard to give it away. This goal may actually become a reality… I’ll have to keep you posted on this one 😉

4. BLOG MORE! I used to blog on a different site quite often, but my new day job takes up so much of my time, not to mention energy, that this will be a challenge.

I have other wonderful things happening in my life as well. My two closest friends are having life changing events this year: One is getting married in August (I’m a bridesmaid, yay!) The other is having her daughter in 2 weeks.

With all this positive energy being released how can 2014 not be amazing?

So how’s your 2014 looking?

Love & Light!



January 1, 2014 · 11:10 pm