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Where I’ve been and why

Hello beautiful people!!


I know I’ve been quiet lately. Real quiet.


I’m practically nonexistent on twitter. My pinterest boards have fallen to the wayside, and although present on Facebook, I’m not really present. I’m the kid who shows up for class, but prays the teacher doesn’t call on her. Here’s why:

I got a job. Ye olde 9-5

Yuck, right?

Yeah. It’s pretty yuck. It sort of feels like I’m moving backwards in my career, but sometimes life throws us situations we weren’t prepared for. We can sulk, kick, and scream, or we can learn how to turn those lemons into lemonade. But it’s also sort of a neat job because I’m still working as a writer. I’m a ghostwriter. (No, I don’t write about ghosts.) If you don’t know what I mean by “ghostwriter”, here’s a definition. Yeah. It’s a lil weird. But it also means I work from home and make my own schedule which is nice.

So what does this mean for my readers?

It means I had to put my books to the side for awhile so I could work on several books for clients. I can’t get into who I write for or what I’m writing, so please don’t ask. I just wanted you to know that I have never, nor will I ever, give up writing. It just means that (for now) I can’t produce books at the speed I used to.


But because of this, I decided to do something for you, my precious readers.


No… I don’t have a release date. But when I do release, I will be releasing…


Good deal? I hope so.

So what am I working on? Well I’ve stepped away from paranormal (after 2 demons and 3 vampire books, I needed a break) and ventured into the fantasy realm. It’s a really cool genre and I love it. Basically it means instead of mentally hanging out with sexy vamps like Damon Salvatore:


I mentally hang out with rugged warriors like Jon Snow:


Not a bad trade.

So here’s the good news… I’ve written books one AND two already. I also have covers for one and two. (SOOO PRETTY!) I outlined three and I’m getting ready to dive into that one as well. All three books are STANDALONE novellas with NO CLIFFHANGERS.

Sound good? GOOD!


But maybe you have a few questions. Some have been addressed to me already via email, twitter, and Facebook, so I’ll answer them now.

So Kat, why not give us what you already have?

Patience. Good things come to those who wait. You see, although the stories are standalone, the characters are interrelated. Unlike The Blood Clan Chronicles where there was a four month lag between the release of books 2 & 3, this series will give you (hopefully) instant satisfaction by having all three available.

What about more Blood Clan Chronicles?

My vamps have been put to the side for now. It is VERY possible that Erin & Kane will get their own story as well as Liv & Kyle. I had a reader ask for more Bryce and Tori and for that, you have given me the highest compliment. Sadly, I don’t foresee any more books about them. (See what I did there? *wink, wink*) I told their story, and gave them the HEA they deserved. Anything else seems like just clinging to them, and putting them in unnecessary danger. (Haven’t they been through enough? Silver chains on Bryce’s neck… my poor, Scotsman!)

Wait! You didn’t know all three books were available? Yup! The trilogy is complete and you can grab it here:

The Blood Clan Chronicles

Fine… but we HAVE to ask, where’s book 3 of The Darkness Saga? Killing Darkness ended on the ultimate cliffhanger!

Yes, it did. But I can honestly say, I have no intention of returning to Darkness before the fall. Wait! Don’t start cursing me out just yet. I have my reasons. Pull up a chair, let me explain. I spent six years writing Killing, and another year working on Taming. That’s seven years of Lucas Starr. The final book will be the end of that story, and I’m not ready to work on it yet. Basically, I’m not emotionally prepared to say goodbye to Lucas, Michael, or Brielle. I told myself I would take a year off and seeing as Killing released on December 5, 2014, that year is not up yet.

Haven’t met Lucas Starr yet? EEK! Don’t let him hear that. What are you waiting for? He is the ULTIMATE bad boy.

You can experience what it feels like to root for the villain!

Check it out! ~~> Taming Darkness

So what can you tell us about your new series? You’ve been rather cryptic on Facebook and Twitter.

I can tell you it’s fantasy. And here’s your enormous clue:


Are you working on anything else once this fantasy is done?

Yes! It’s no secret that I’ve been working on a Snow White retelling. That book is outlined and about 1/3 of the way written. It too has a GORGEOUS cover. I also plan to write more books under the pen name, Karen Anne. My New Adult Contemporary Romance, Death by Social Suicide is a book that is so close to my heart. I have been asked to write spin offs, and I can say now that Kristen will be getting her own story. If you haven’t read Death by Social Suicide you can grab it here:

Death by Social Suicide

So now you’re all caught up. I’m here, at my keyboard working hard, and hoping to release my babies very, very soon.


The Mother of Dragons.


Oops! Did I just slip? I meant, Kat! KAT!!! 😉

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The Zombie Un-cookbook: Recipes of the Undead by T.A. Brock

Hi all I have an AMAZING guest post for you today! T.A. Brock author of the fantastic YA Paranormal Romance FATAL has given us some selections from the Zombie cookbook!

Read on to discover that there’s more than brains on the menu for these guys!

Beloved Recipes From A Zombie Un-cook Book


Hi all! *waves* I’m so excited to be guest posting today, and I’ve got something super fun to share with you. As some of you might already know, my zombies are not your typical brain-eating, skin-ripping, stank-rotting fleshbags. Nope. They. Is. Civilized. Most of them anyway. Now don’t get me wrong, my dude, Grayson, has been known to rip into a spare rib or two with his bare hands—relax, he gets them from the market just like everyone else—but for the most part, they eat their flesh with a knife and fork. From a plate. Or even a diamond-crusted platter.

Now might be a good time to mention that the zombie diet consists of RAW meat and excessive amounts of water ONLY. They cannot eat vegetables. Lucky? Maybe. Whatever. My point is, unless you’re wearing Lady Gaga’s meat dress, there’s a 97% chance they WON’T want to eat you. If you ARE wearing Lady Gaga’s meat dress… then, well, I don’t know. Run, maybe?


Are you ready for the good stuff? Today you get a peek into the Patch family un-cook book. These recipes have been passed down through generations of Risers. Raina (our main character, Grayson’s, older sister) personally contributed many that would become some of his favorites! So, without further ado…

Oh, beeteedubs, do NOT attempt these recipes unless you are of the risen dead persuasion. Trust me on that.

*Excerpts from the Patch Family Un-cook Book


Bacon and Eggs (Z style)

4 eggs, however you like them (scrambled or whole, but make sure they aren’t cooked!)

6 strips of center-cut bacon

Arrange the strips of bacon on a plate in a decorative pattern. Remember, you eat with your eyes first so make it look pretty. Try a lattice pattern or twist the bacon into rosettes. Whatever suits your fancy. Crack the eggs over the bacon design (if using whole) or pour over (if scrambled). Serves two.


Bacon Wrapped Chicken Fingers

1 lb. Boneless chicken breasts or thighs, cut into strips

1/2 lb. Smoked bacon


Cut each bacon strip in half. Wrap bacon around strips of chicken and secure with toothpicks. Easiest recipe EVER!


Hearty Meatballs

1 lb. ground beef

1lb. ground pork

1 lb. ground veal

2 eggs

1/4 cup of very cold water

In a large mixing bowl, stir all ingredients together until well incorporated. Don’t be afraid to get in there with your hands (just don’t lick your fingers!). Roll into balls that are approximately one inch in diameter. Serve family style, on a platter.



Carpaccio or Tartare

1 lb. your choice of meat (Ahi tuna, beef tenderloin, lamb, and kobe are great options)

For carpaccio: Cut meat into paper thin strips. Layer strips artfully on your serving plate. Remember to be creative in your design. Finish with a drizzle of ice water.

For tartare: Dice meat into very small pieces.  In a mixing bowl, toss the meat with 2 Tbs. ice water. Using a two inch ring mold, press meat mixture onto serving plate. Carefully remove the mold. Garnish with mint leaves. IMPORTANT: Do not eat the mint no matter how inviting the scent might be. It is toxic if ingested.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this insightful little journey into the FATAL world! Thanks for having me! And um, here’s a paper sack, for those of you who are feeling a bit queasy. *shuffles away, sheepishly*

Fatal_FRONT  TABrock


Grayson Patch hasn’t been human since he was seventeen years old… and that was nineteen years ago. When he rose from the dead, he had no memory of his former life. Grayson desperately wants to recapture his lost humanity. And he’s been told that there is one person in this world who can save him from his current fate before he begins to decompose. One person, whose life must be sacrificed for his.

Cori Abbott has a million things to worry about. She’s the new girl in a school that’s a fraction the size of her old one. Her antisocial tendencies are crippling her ability to make new friends. And then there’s the recent, sudden death of her father, the only man who ever understood her. The last thing Cori wants is the attention of a strange, withdrawn, and consistently angry guy who seems to hate her for no apparent reason. A guy she can’t stop thinking about.

Will Cori break through Grayson’s cold exterior and find the human within, the boy who can love and understand her like no other? Will Grayson sacrifice Cori to rid himself of his undead curse, even if it means losing her forever?

FATAL buy links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Fatal-T-Brock-ebook/dp/B00IX21PX8/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1394492054&sr=1-1&keywords=fatal+TA+Brock

BN: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/fatal-ta-brock/1118890135?ean=2940149363728

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The Inspiration Behind Taming Darkness

The Inspiration behind Taming Darkness

By: Lucas Starr

It is my understanding that you, the reader, are curious as to how Kat Daemon came up with the idea for her novel, Taming Darkness. Isn’t that cute? You naturally accredited her with that much talent. The girl is pretty decent at being a scribe, but you must understand, that is all she is.

Here, allow me to enlighten you as to what really happened.

I found Kat last winter, all alone in her living room clad in sweats and a hoodie. It was her birthday, and she was staring at her laptop waiting for some acknowledgement of her day to appear via a digital message. Pathetic, I know, and being the generous demon that I am, I took pity on her. You see, Kat had written about me before, she’s a bit infatuated, and who can blame her? The problem with her past writings is that she always failed to make me the main attraction, and I do not like to play second fiddle to anyone. It was time to remedy this.

So, after clouding her vision with what she comically refers to as “muse dust,” I laid the contract down before her: A novel that finally tells my side of the story. Sure, you are all familiar with the tale: Revolution in Heaven, temptation in the Garden of Eden, and the creation of Hell. But, all you know is what they have poisoned your brain with. Lies, I can assure you, and nasty ones at that.  It was time to clarify what had occurred.

With the seed planted, the tale began to unfold, and I guided Kat, making sure that she got every detail just right. I even insisted that she include my naughty, serpent sidekick, Lilith, in the tale, because I have learned: When Lilith is happy, then I am happy… in more ways than one.

Our next stop was a train ride where I took her into Manhattan and showed her all the spots that she needed to write into the story. Her eyes were ablaze with excitement as she took pictures and made notes for later reference.  And yes, if you are wondering, my own home was included on the tour.  I even invited her into my bedroom, a private spot that few have seen and survived to talk about, mostly because a night with me is worth losing one’s soul over.  She was hesitant at first, but I convinced her that if she was going to write an accurate novel, thorough research was in order.

Finally, I allowed Kat to become privy to my deepest, darkest secrets and showed her what happened when I encountered the one creature that showed me a glimpse of Heaven once more. Once I knew I had obtained Kat’s sympathy, I trusted her with my tale implicitly.

True, my intentions were for my own self interest, but I think we can all agree that in the long run, it worked out for everyone. I was finally able to get my story told, Kat got her book deal, and you, dear reader, get a rare glimpse into the magnificence that is me.


Be sure to visit Amazon and pick up your copy of Taming Darkness today! http://www.amazon.com/Taming-Darkness-Kat-Daemon-ebook/dp/B00IQWS6X2

* * * *

There is a tour wide giveaway for the blog tour of Taming Darkness.

Here is what you can win;

Prize pack #1  A Red Heart Necklace & a $15 Amazon Gift Card

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Prize pack #3 – $5 Amazon gift card

(All prize packs will also include a signed postcard from the author)

Enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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It seems only fitting that I begin 2014 with a post on this new blog.

Before I go on about my goals and hopes for the new year, I’d like to first reflect on the past year.

2013 was a tough one. It held a lot of challenges for my family and we are still trudging through some of them, but it held a lot of opportunities as well. Back in February, I was alone on my birthday. It was (as far as I can recall) the only birthday I’ve ever spent alone. I had just left the job I loved back in June and was attempting to “make it as an author”. My rejection letters were piling up, and I felt a bit lost. Needless to say, I was depressed. So I decided to spend my birthday writing a new manuscript. It was a gift to myself. I had always written full length adult novels averaging about 110,000 words. I wanted to do something different. So I took a character from one of my books that was in the slush pile and gave him his own story.

I started to get lost in the tale, and explored a new avenue of writing I hadn’t attempted before. It wasn’t long until I had a 25K novella on my hands. But I had no clue what to do with it, so it just sat and collected dust in my Mac. Then one day in August, I happened to see a pitch contest that this work might have been a good fit for. So, not getting my hopes up, I pitched it for the first time to Entranced Publishing. Now that little novella is a full length novel and will be published in March by Entranced.

So it just goes to show you, you don’t know where the road may lead you. That sad day in pajamas, I mourned the books that were not getting noticed, and by distracting myself, produced one of my best stories. Funny how life works out.

I also met my editor, Kara Leigh Miller, who turned my book from good to freaking amazing!!! Working with Kara gave me such confidence as a writer and showed me how to improve my stories.  For the first time I think I’m starting to grasp the phrase, “show not tell” and I have Kara to thank for that. She isn’t just my editor, she became a great friend in a short amount of time, so I actually was given 2 gifts the day I pitched my book 😉

Now on to 2014….

I have so many wonderful things going on. The first of course is that my book, Taming Darkness, will be available on March 3, 2014.  I can’t express how excited I am about this! If you are into sarcastic fallen angels, a main character that gives new meaning to the expression, “devil worshipper” and a heroine that literally can bring him to his knees then head on over to Goodreads and mark it in your to-be-read list 😉 https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18779536-taming-darkness  (Cover to be added very soon!)

RT2014! It’s my first convention and I am so thrilled to be a part of it! Plus it’s in New Orleans and Charlaine Harris is one of the guest speakers… I need to decide which Sookie book I will (hopefully) get autographed! Plus I get to actually meet Kara in person, along with other amazing Entranced authors like Barbara Garren (who keeps me sane through laughter) and Georgeann Swiger (a fellow angel author) to name a few.

My personal goals this year are

1. To finish writing the fantasy book that I promised my daughter. Being raised on Oz and Wonderland, you’d think this would be easy. Nope, it’s hard to write original fantasy and although I have my characters a few scenes and a lose outline I’m struggling.

2. Sign with an agent *the dream of all dreams*

3. Work toward publishing the first book I ever wrote, which is so close to my heart it’s hard to give it away. This goal may actually become a reality… I’ll have to keep you posted on this one 😉

4. BLOG MORE! I used to blog on a different site quite often, but my new day job takes up so much of my time, not to mention energy, that this will be a challenge.

I have other wonderful things happening in my life as well. My two closest friends are having life changing events this year: One is getting married in August (I’m a bridesmaid, yay!) The other is having her daughter in 2 weeks.

With all this positive energy being released how can 2014 not be amazing?

So how’s your 2014 looking?

Love & Light!



January 1, 2014 · 11:10 pm