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Cover Reveal: Machine Head by T.A. Brock

Remember when you were a kid and you would race to the library, spin the wheel that had the coolest books on it and grab the latest Choose Your Own Adventure book? Those books were fantastic because you could read them a dozen different times and have a dozen different outcomes.

I wish someone would make one of those.. but a bit edgier.. maybe for a YA crowd.

Wait. Someone did.

T.A. Brock, a woman I am so excited to call a friend came up with this very concept. And guess what? I get to help reveal the cover today! YAY!!

So without further ado, I give you… MACHINE HEAD:

Machine Head Cover 1

Where young rule and elders are hunted to extinction… and you decide who’s guilty.



An Interactive Novel

Available April 10, 2015


Adults have poisoned the world with their selfishness, jealousy, and deceit. Now it’s up to the young to heal it. First order: eliminate every elder. Second: discover the secret to never growing up. Third: procreate.

Ten Sixty-Four is on trial for treason. The crimes he committed are unforgivable: hiding elders who should be long dead, consorting with illegal untrained young, and purposely botching kill missions. He’s come a long way from the cold, unfeeling, Sleepwalker he began as. He’s still four years from the death age, which means the Hex can’t afford to kill him. If found guilty, he’ll be given to the Machine for reprogramming. But none of that matters because he’s done what no other Sleepwalker has dared to. He’s found love. And he knows something they don’t. Falling in love is the secret to achieving the third order.

Brille has a secret of her own: the elders aren’t extinct. They’re not even endangered. But what the rest of the world doesn’t know can’t hurt them. At least, not anymore than they’re already hurting themselves. There is no more laughter. No more crying. No feelings of any kind. Only in the secret hiding places where the untrained dwell with elders, can emotion be found. Then it’s anger, rage, and hostility. When she finds herself a target of the Sleepwalkers, she realizes she’s not the only one with secrets. Ten Sixty-Four feels. He might even be capable of love. The idea leaves Brille with an emotion she never thought she’d have: hope.

The Hex has convened. A trial will commence. You, a member of the jury, must decide Ten Sixty-Four’s fate, and with it, the future of humanity.

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Author Pic TA Brock

T.A. Brock spends her days gleefully plucking words from the chaos of life and dressing them up so they look pretty. Then she calls them stories and tries to convince people to read them. Paranormal, horror, and contemporary romance rocks her socks, but anything YA makes her feel young again, so she sticks with that mostly. She resides in the great land of mountains and green things (Arkansas) with her husband, two children, and her beloved Keurig machine, which she has built a countertop shrine to.

For more information, visit http://www.tabrockbooks.com

For updates on new releases and other fun little bits, sign up for T.A. Brock’s Newsletter HERE.

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The Zombie Un-cookbook: Recipes of the Undead by T.A. Brock

Hi all I have an AMAZING guest post for you today! T.A. Brock author of the fantastic YA Paranormal Romance FATAL has given us some selections from the Zombie cookbook!

Read on to discover that there’s more than brains on the menu for these guys!

Beloved Recipes From A Zombie Un-cook Book


Hi all! *waves* I’m so excited to be guest posting today, and I’ve got something super fun to share with you. As some of you might already know, my zombies are not your typical brain-eating, skin-ripping, stank-rotting fleshbags. Nope. They. Is. Civilized. Most of them anyway. Now don’t get me wrong, my dude, Grayson, has been known to rip into a spare rib or two with his bare hands—relax, he gets them from the market just like everyone else—but for the most part, they eat their flesh with a knife and fork. From a plate. Or even a diamond-crusted platter.

Now might be a good time to mention that the zombie diet consists of RAW meat and excessive amounts of water ONLY. They cannot eat vegetables. Lucky? Maybe. Whatever. My point is, unless you’re wearing Lady Gaga’s meat dress, there’s a 97% chance they WON’T want to eat you. If you ARE wearing Lady Gaga’s meat dress… then, well, I don’t know. Run, maybe?


Are you ready for the good stuff? Today you get a peek into the Patch family un-cook book. These recipes have been passed down through generations of Risers. Raina (our main character, Grayson’s, older sister) personally contributed many that would become some of his favorites! So, without further ado…

Oh, beeteedubs, do NOT attempt these recipes unless you are of the risen dead persuasion. Trust me on that.

*Excerpts from the Patch Family Un-cook Book


Bacon and Eggs (Z style)

4 eggs, however you like them (scrambled or whole, but make sure they aren’t cooked!)

6 strips of center-cut bacon

Arrange the strips of bacon on a plate in a decorative pattern. Remember, you eat with your eyes first so make it look pretty. Try a lattice pattern or twist the bacon into rosettes. Whatever suits your fancy. Crack the eggs over the bacon design (if using whole) or pour over (if scrambled). Serves two.


Bacon Wrapped Chicken Fingers

1 lb. Boneless chicken breasts or thighs, cut into strips

1/2 lb. Smoked bacon


Cut each bacon strip in half. Wrap bacon around strips of chicken and secure with toothpicks. Easiest recipe EVER!


Hearty Meatballs

1 lb. ground beef

1lb. ground pork

1 lb. ground veal

2 eggs

1/4 cup of very cold water

In a large mixing bowl, stir all ingredients together until well incorporated. Don’t be afraid to get in there with your hands (just don’t lick your fingers!). Roll into balls that are approximately one inch in diameter. Serve family style, on a platter.



Carpaccio or Tartare

1 lb. your choice of meat (Ahi tuna, beef tenderloin, lamb, and kobe are great options)

For carpaccio: Cut meat into paper thin strips. Layer strips artfully on your serving plate. Remember to be creative in your design. Finish with a drizzle of ice water.

For tartare: Dice meat into very small pieces.  In a mixing bowl, toss the meat with 2 Tbs. ice water. Using a two inch ring mold, press meat mixture onto serving plate. Carefully remove the mold. Garnish with mint leaves. IMPORTANT: Do not eat the mint no matter how inviting the scent might be. It is toxic if ingested.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this insightful little journey into the FATAL world! Thanks for having me! And um, here’s a paper sack, for those of you who are feeling a bit queasy. *shuffles away, sheepishly*

Fatal_FRONT  TABrock


Grayson Patch hasn’t been human since he was seventeen years old… and that was nineteen years ago. When he rose from the dead, he had no memory of his former life. Grayson desperately wants to recapture his lost humanity. And he’s been told that there is one person in this world who can save him from his current fate before he begins to decompose. One person, whose life must be sacrificed for his.

Cori Abbott has a million things to worry about. She’s the new girl in a school that’s a fraction the size of her old one. Her antisocial tendencies are crippling her ability to make new friends. And then there’s the recent, sudden death of her father, the only man who ever understood her. The last thing Cori wants is the attention of a strange, withdrawn, and consistently angry guy who seems to hate her for no apparent reason. A guy she can’t stop thinking about.

Will Cori break through Grayson’s cold exterior and find the human within, the boy who can love and understand her like no other? Will Grayson sacrifice Cori to rid himself of his undead curse, even if it means losing her forever?

FATAL buy links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Fatal-T-Brock-ebook/dp/B00IX21PX8/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1394492054&sr=1-1&keywords=fatal+TA+Brock

BN: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/fatal-ta-brock/1118890135?ean=2940149363728

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