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The fabulous, fantastic, and FUN Lydia Aswolf interviewed me this past Saturday on her radio talk show Lydia’s Literary Lowdown. It was a phenomenal experience! We talked Taming Darkness, Killing Darkness, character development, cover art and how I discovered Lucifer. Check it out if you can!

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June 30, 2014 · 3:33 pm

When Entranced Publishing closed it’s doors last month, I went through an array of emotions. To work on a book for over a year, lose sleep over edits and fantasize about seeing your words in the hands of readers only to have your dreams ripped away after three weeks of officially being published… well, you can imagine how I felt.


But this isn’t about how things at Entranced ended, this is about a new beginning.


Taming Darkness is back and it is better than ever. With the help of one extremely talented S.P. McConnell who designed, and illustrated a cover so beautiful I can’t even put it into words –and that’s coming from a writer– Taming Darkness has been resurrected and I could not be happier!


So without further ado feast your eyes on the new look of TAMING DARKNESS


Taming Darkness Cover Reveal

Isn’t it beautiful? I honestly could not be happier. The cover is filled with details and symbols of the story.

So I invite you to allow your eyes to wander, look around and see what you can find. I’ve gotten lost in this image, I hope you will to. Then when you are done, go add Taming Darkness to your TBR list on Goodreads!

The book will be available for purchase in both digital AND print by the end of this month! We are just days away from holding this pretty book in our hands! (insert tear)

Love this cover and want to find out more about the brilliantly talented S.P. McConnell? Make sure to check out his website, and be prepared to be blown away by the worlds that he can create for you!


April 17, 2014 · 4:02 am

The day has finally arrived and I am beyond thrilled to share the cover for my novel, Taming Darkness, with you all! For those of you who are familiar with my story, I think that we can agree that this cover truly sets the tone. It’s dark, mysterious, sexy and alluring. All the things that my main character, Lucas Starr, is made of.

So without further ado….


I love the city skyline and how we are looking down on the city as my main character would. The necklace is obviously the main attraction of this cover, as it is in the book, but you’ll have to read it to find out why!

Here is an excerpt to hold you over for the next month. I hope you enjoy it!

* * * *

There are many places that I have called home over my lifetime. I have rooms in every corner of the globe. Yet, I have such a fondness for Manhattan that I made a penthouse on the Upper East Side one of my more permanent lairs. I acquired the building during the stock market crash of 1929. Amazing what people are willing to give up when they are in a state of panic. Although the entire building is mine, I prefer to spend my time at the top, watching the city, keeping a close eye on humanity.

This particular evening, I was host to a party, an impromptu event in which many of my minions had brought with them a human counterpart to tempt and indulge. All around me, the weak were lost in laughter, swimming in the sensation of sin as they turn a blind eye on their conscience. Bodies were draped over chaise lounges with veins full of heroin, brains closed to common sense. Girls danced for men with dollars while greedy hands in the corner bet their house over a card game. In the back rooms, people fucked like dogs, cheating on their spouses, and snorting lines of cocaine off of the bodies of the camouflaged demons that would later chain them to the beds. The air was thick with smoke and fragrant with booze. It was a typical Saturday night.

I sat cast in shadows, a king on my throne, observing the jesters that provided my entertainment. Sometimes, human behavior fascinated me. But mostly, I was watching Lilith. She was sitting on top of the bar, with no less than a dozen suitors at her feet. Leave it to Lilith to break my one guest rule. Red leather high-heeled boots ran up her legs, black hot pants revealed too much flesh, and a red halter top tied her up in one neat package. Her skin might as well have been white marble, with lips red as roses begging to be kissed. Lavish, flaming red hair spilled over her breasts, hitting her hips in thunderous waves. She was the vision of a ripe, delicious, cherry waiting to be plucked. One of my favorite features was her eyes. They were always changing color, alternating between green and yellow. What was even more fascinating was that she could spin them at will, hypnotizing any man that needed to be soothed.

The primitive beings before her fought hard to serve, hoping for a fraction of consideration, but her eyes were on me. They always were. Hopping off of the bar, she walked toward me, her body swaying in a seductive rhythm, her hips demanding my attention. She offered me a half empty glass of bourbon, and made herself comfortable in my lap. Stretching out like a cat, she lay against my chest and raised a lazy hand beneath my chin, tracing my chiseled jaw with her finger. Had it been a normal night, I would have enjoyed her this way, but I knew it wasn’t for me. It was all part of the act for her fans, whose hungry eyes longed for her, with tongues hanging and dicks waving.

I pulled her hair out of my face, rested it on her shoulder, and took a generous gulp of the bourbon. “Rough day at work, dear?” I asked while eyeing the strings of her shirt knotted at her neck. It didn’t seem to be tied very tight, and I was tempted to pull it apart.

“If only it were. You know I like it rough.” She purred in my lap. “May I ask what the great Lucifer has been up to? I haven’t seen you around lately.”

I handed her the glass and revealed my secret. “I found a new toy.”

“Oh? I’m in need of a new toy.” She took a drink from the glass and licked her lips before laying her head against my shoulder. “I keep breaking all of mine.” She gestured toward the bar, where the men were begging for her return. Her fingers unbuttoned my two top buttons. She slipped her hand inside and ran her fingers over my pecs. She was warm, like me.
“I’m not sharing this one,” I declared.

“You never do,” she said, pulling her hand back a tad more defiant than I would have liked. Sitting up and slamming back the bourbon, she leaped from my lap, taking a step back toward her fans.

“Lilith…I think I might keep this one for a while. This soul may be a bit harder to acquire.”

She turned and looked at me for a moment, contemplating my intent. “I never interfere with your work, just as long as it doesn’t interfere with me.”

“Go have fun. Work up an appetite, and when you get hungry, come back to me.”

She leaned down and placed a firm hand on each armrest, looking into my eyes with her wild, animal instincts. She kissed me fiercely, and added, “I always do.”

“One more thing,” I said grabbing her wrist and kissing the inside of it before she fled toward her toys. “That blonde with the great hair, but bad teeth…”

Lilith turned a lazy head and noted who I referred to. “Do you want him?” she offered.

“I want his watch,” I said, my eyes locked on the Rolex that was in all likelihood a family heirloom.

Lilith laughed. “Is that all? Consider it yours.” Then she made her way back to the crowd to break a few hearts, and perhaps a few necks as well.

* * * *

You can add Taming Darkness to your Goodreads list here:

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February 4, 2014 · 3:24 pm

Is there anything more wonderful than seeing the cover of your book for the first time? When you started writing this series almost seven years ago, the answer is no.

That’s right, seven years. I don’t even remember where I was when I created my characters, I think I was in the car heading down the Northern State on my way to work. I do most of my writing in the car. Not literally, that would result in disastrous road situations, but I do start to formulate ideas. Usually I hear a song, or see something interesting on the road and think… “Now that would make an interesting story/character/plot/situation.”

So at some point, seven years ago, I created these dark characters that are so twisted and broken that I naturally started rooting for them. As I wrote the words that strung together and wove the story of my villains, I started fantasizing about my cover. It was never concrete. I had vague ideas, a color palette, and what I knew I didn’t want.

I was offered my book contract for what will be my trilogy back in August of 2013. Last night, January 4th I saw my cover for the first time.

Not gonna lie… I was scared! Really scared. And when I opened it, I sort of just stared for a minute.

Then it happened. The reaction. The reaction to the stress, worry and fears melted away, and I exhaled that breath I had been holding on to.

Now, I can’t show you the cover, yet… trust me, I’m dying to!!! But, you’ll see it soon my loves! I can tell you this much…

It’s dark, mysterious, and classy.

It captures not only my first book, but my entire trilogy!

You can go to Goodreads and add Taming Darkness to your to-be-read list here:

Writing and editing can often feel like you’re slamming into a brick wall repeatedly. It’s the moments like this, that grab you and say, “You are doing this! Your book is going to be published… This is real!”

I’ll keep you all posted on reveal day!!

Love & Light!


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January 5, 2014 · 5:57 pm

It seems only fitting that I begin 2014 with a post on this new blog.

Before I go on about my goals and hopes for the new year, I’d like to first reflect on the past year.

2013 was a tough one. It held a lot of challenges for my family and we are still trudging through some of them, but it held a lot of opportunities as well. Back in February, I was alone on my birthday. It was (as far as I can recall) the only birthday I’ve ever spent alone. I had just left the job I loved back in June and was attempting to “make it as an author”. My rejection letters were piling up, and I felt a bit lost. Needless to say, I was depressed. So I decided to spend my birthday writing a new manuscript. It was a gift to myself. I had always written full length adult novels averaging about 110,000 words. I wanted to do something different. So I took a character from one of my books that was in the slush pile and gave him his own story.

I started to get lost in the tale, and explored a new avenue of writing I hadn’t attempted before. It wasn’t long until I had a 25K novella on my hands. But I had no clue what to do with it, so it just sat and collected dust in my Mac. Then one day in August, I happened to see a pitch contest that this work might have been a good fit for. So, not getting my hopes up, I pitched it for the first time to Entranced Publishing. Now that little novella is a full length novel and will be published in March by Entranced.

So it just goes to show you, you don’t know where the road may lead you. That sad day in pajamas, I mourned the books that were not getting noticed, and by distracting myself, produced one of my best stories. Funny how life works out.

I also met my editor, Kara Leigh Miller, who turned my book from good to freaking amazing!!! Working with Kara gave me such confidence as a writer and showed me how to improve my stories.  For the first time I think I’m starting to grasp the phrase, “show not tell” and I have Kara to thank for that. She isn’t just my editor, she became a great friend in a short amount of time, so I actually was given 2 gifts the day I pitched my book 😉

Now on to 2014….

I have so many wonderful things going on. The first of course is that my book, Taming Darkness, will be available on March 3, 2014.  I can’t express how excited I am about this! If you are into sarcastic fallen angels, a main character that gives new meaning to the expression, “devil worshipper” and a heroine that literally can bring him to his knees then head on over to Goodreads and mark it in your to-be-read list 😉  (Cover to be added very soon!)

RT2014! It’s my first convention and I am so thrilled to be a part of it! Plus it’s in New Orleans and Charlaine Harris is one of the guest speakers… I need to decide which Sookie book I will (hopefully) get autographed! Plus I get to actually meet Kara in person, along with other amazing Entranced authors like Barbara Garren (who keeps me sane through laughter) and Georgeann Swiger (a fellow angel author) to name a few.

My personal goals this year are

1. To finish writing the fantasy book that I promised my daughter. Being raised on Oz and Wonderland, you’d think this would be easy. Nope, it’s hard to write original fantasy and although I have my characters a few scenes and a lose outline I’m struggling.

2. Sign with an agent *the dream of all dreams*

3. Work toward publishing the first book I ever wrote, which is so close to my heart it’s hard to give it away. This goal may actually become a reality… I’ll have to keep you posted on this one 😉

4. BLOG MORE! I used to blog on a different site quite often, but my new day job takes up so much of my time, not to mention energy, that this will be a challenge.

I have other wonderful things happening in my life as well. My two closest friends are having life changing events this year: One is getting married in August (I’m a bridesmaid, yay!) The other is having her daughter in 2 weeks.

With all this positive energy being released how can 2014 not be amazing?

So how’s your 2014 looking?

Love & Light!



January 1, 2014 · 11:10 pm